Cannon Ale Run

First Retford pub festival.

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BeerHeadZ Retford are delighted to be part of the first Retford inter-pub beer festival, entitled the ‘Cannon Ale Run’. It will spotlight three pubs: BeerHeadZ, the Idle Valley Tap and the White Lion, running from Thursday, June 23rd – Sunday 26th and featuring around 30 cask beers sourced both locally and from around the country. Prizes will be awarded for those completing the run. Simply pick up a collectors card from any of the participating pubs and collect stamps when ordering your pints. Fab! Keep up to date with news from all three pubs on the Cannon Ale Run Facebook page. BeerHeadZ menu will be released in the next few days. We look forward to seeing ya’ll on the Cannon Ale Run. Yeeee Haaaa!

Brewers must work together.

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BeerHeadZ Phil has had a letter published in the latest issue (Jan 2016) of the CAMRA newspaper What’s Brewing, commenting on the threat created by the recent mega-merger of SABMiller and AB InBev to the many much smaller brewers and micro’s in this country (and indeed worldwide). The chaos has already started. For example, the acquisition of London’s Meantime Brewing by SABMiller a mere seven months ago, only to be put up for sale again to comply with European regulations because of AB InBev’s recent buy-out of the nearby Camden Town Brewery. Such tactics show the callous way in which these mega-corporations conduct business. It happens. That’s big business. But our thriving and exciting brewing industry should be protecting themselves. They need to formulate counter tactics now. I don’t know the answers, but I do know that brewers and suppliers …

Abstract Jungle Brewery

Welcome to the (Abstract) Jungle, baby!

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BeerHeadZ Retford are delighted to be one of the first pubs in the country to take delivery of the first two beers from the brand-new Abstract Jungle Brewery, which launched last week in Peterborough. Abstract Jungle is the new project launched by ex-Blue Monkey brewer, Simon King. Simon has teamed up with Bexar County brewer Steve Saldana to upgrade and expand Bexar’s existing plant and use it to output beers from each brewery. Jackal, a 4.2% porter is described on RateBeer as “Mahogany with an attractive cherry red gleam, and a loose cream head; aroma of well done toast with some red fruit; sweet fruity taste to start, then becoming increasingly bitter from the well roasted malts; leading to a dry finish with some spicy English hops”. Pride, at 3.9% being reported as “A bright, pale amber pour with a …

Yeeee-haaaa! – We have beer for Dinosaur Riders!

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If you like riding dinosaurs – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – we have just the beer for you coming to BeerHeadZ. StaggerSaurus 4.0% is one of the first beers from brand-new Portsmouth-based brewery, Staggeringly Good. They are so new they haven’t even opened their own brewery yet, brewing instead on the plant at Brewhouse and Kitchen at the Black Swan in Portsmouth.  The lads at SG tell us that as soon as they have their own kit up and running they will be producing their delicious beers in cask, so we are looking forward to that. Says SG about the beer on their website: “The StaggerSaurus does not take kindly to your everyday bland IPA’s. No, he’s a far more refined beast who craves something tasty that he can really sink his teeth into. This scholarly reptile cares …

Next Stop – Hop City Beer Festival!

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Get ready for the first BeerHeadZ ‘Next Stop Hop City’ beer festival, starting Thursday, October 22nd through to Sunday 25th. It’s a double celebration, firstly to mark the first anniversary of our opening on October 23rd last year and also the presentation of our latest North Notts CAMRA award, which is taking place on the Friday night. All the beers and breweries featured have been requested for by our loyal BeerHeadZ customers, and we think you’ll agree they have pretty good taste! We will be featuring twelve corkers over the weekend, eight at any one time (depending on cellar-readiness). To help us celebrate, Harry from Retford’s very own award-winning Idle Valley Brewery has made a bonkers 8.4% Citra and Mosaic hopped blonde beer especially for us. I’m sure Harry and the IVB lads will be around to help us enjoy …

Headz You Win!

HeadZ You Win! – Introducing the BeerHeadZ Discount Scheme.

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Well, it’s been a very short and extremely exciting 2014 for BeerHeadZ and to welcome in 2015 we are officially launching our ‘HeadZ You Win!’ discount scheme. How does it work? You simply come into the pub wearing the BeerHeadZ logo; T-shirt, cap, badge, etc, and you automatically get a 10p discount on your pint every time you visit the bar. We win, you win. SimpleZ! Remember, we already serve in oversize, lined glasses so with HeadZ You Win! you can enjoy even better value for your money. We currently have T-Shirts (£13) and badges (£1) available, with polo shirts, caps, beanies and hoodies becoming available in the next couple of weeks. So gear up, look good, spread the BeerHeadZ word and get your beer cheaper at the same time. It’s been a very enjoyable and intense first few weeks …