Merry Zmas

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Well, another beery year draws to a close and what a year it’s been! We have opened another pub at Nottingham and finally got permission to open another in Lincoln. We have a lot to tell you, but we will do that in our new email newsletter, HeadLineZ, which will be launched early in the new year. To sign up for the newsletter, simply visit our page here or ask for an email receipt when paying by card in the pub. Here are our holiday opening times, all other days are as usual (see website): Grantham: Christmas day – 10am – 2pm Retford: Christmas day – CLOSED Nottingham: Christmas day – CLOSED, Boxing day 2pm – 10pm Meanwhile we send out a massive thank-you to all our customers, old and new, for all your support and custom. We wish you …

Fish and Chips at BeerHeadZ

Bring your own!

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Although BeerHeadZ offer a good range of quality snacks, such as Biltong and Hot-Headz crisps and nuts, we do lack hot food due to absence of kitchen area. For those of you preferring hot food such as pizza, curry or good-old fish ‘n’ chips, BeerHeadZ has no problem with you ordering food in to eat. We will provide you with cutlery and plates AND even do the washing up for you! Just order, pay on delivery and we’ll do the rest. Indeed, why pay restaurant prices for a bottle of crappy commercial lager when you can enjoy your meal with a quality pint of BeerHeadZ beer? Just ask at the bar for menus.   Photo credit: Randy Wick via / CC BY-SA

BeerHeadZ HeadZ Up Function Room

HeadZ Up!

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Our light and airy upstairs function space at BeerHeadZ Grantham, the ‘HeadZ Up’ room is now available for parties, functions, meetings or just a bit-of-a-do! The HeadZ Up room is available FREE of charge. Please note though, if you’re planning a party, we can’t admit under 18’s onto the premises due to our licensing conditions. We have just had a dart board installed so here’s the invite to any darts teams that might want to play from BeerHeadZ. Doms, cribbage or any other teams or clubs are most welcome too! Just contact one of our team on the BeerHeadZ Grantham page.

Headz You Win!

HeadZ You Win! – Introducing the BeerHeadZ Discount Scheme.

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Well, it’s been a very short and extremely exciting 2014 for BeerHeadZ and to welcome in 2015 we are officially launching our ‘HeadZ You Win!’ discount scheme. How does it work? You simply come into the pub wearing the BeerHeadZ logo; T-shirt, cap, badge, etc, and you automatically get a 10p discount on your pint every time you visit the bar. We win, you win. SimpleZ! Remember, we already serve in oversize, lined glasses so with HeadZ You Win! you can enjoy even better value for your money. We currently have T-Shirts (£13) and badges (£1) available, with polo shirts, caps, beanies and hoodies becoming available in the next couple of weeks. So gear up, look good, spread the BeerHeadZ word and get your beer cheaper at the same time. It’s been a very enjoyable and intense first few weeks …


What Are Oversize, Lined Glasses?

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Many people are not aware of what oversized glasses are and what it means to them, so we will try to give a brief explanation. Current legislation states that draught beer and cider must be dispensed in multiples of a half or a third of a pint and the glasses in which beer is normally served may be either Government stamped brim measures i.e. the glass must be completely full to the brim, or the glass may have a lined mark indicating the correct measure. Understandably, the vast majority of British pubs use brim measure rather than oversize, lined glasses. Why? Because beer has a head of froth, the glass cannot actually be completely filled to the top. The larger brewing industry claims that the froth is part of the beer and may be up to 5% of the glass …