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Opportunity at Lincoln

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There is an opening at our busy Lincoln bar, situated on Eastgate, for the job of Bar Assistant. Role: Bar AssistantHours: Full time, flexibleThe ideal candidates will have the following, but full training will be provided otherwise: A passion for beer! Be able to assist with the day-to-day running of a busy pub A good understanding of the UK beer scene Good knowledge of breweries both home and abroad Cellar management knowledge Good people skills Able to use social media to promote the business and its activities If you think you would fit in our awesome, passionate and dedicated team, please email your CV plus your contact details to: ASAP.

Live musician

Why I have a MAJOR boggle with TheMusicLicense.

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Any business premises, be it office, factory, barber shop, or in my case, bar, that plays music is required by law to pay for a music license. The current body that enforces the is PPL PRS, or ‘TheMusicLicense’, which gathers money from every business in the land and re-distributes it (after taking their running costs out) to “all those involved in making music” (from TheMusicLicense web site). But who are these people? I’ll come back to this later. Let’s get one thing straight, the system IS a rip-off, and here’s why; Again from TheMusicLicense website: “You can play or perform the music of specific artists only if you wish, but it will not affect the cost of your license. That’s because the cost is not calculated based on which music artists you play, but instead depends on factors such as …

BeerHeadZ got talent – Pt.2

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Well, we’re not sure about pretty faces in this instance, but BeerHeadZ certainly have talent! Here’s landlord Phil with his Heavy Metal band Paralex, who have released their first ever rock video! The track is from the band’s new album ‘Key to a Thousand Doors’, released on the No Remorse label. Watch the video, bang your head, then get down BeerHeadZ to quench that thirst. You know it makes sense! Happy headbanging, BeerHeadZ!

Why CAMRA MUST change.

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There has been much said in the past few weeks about the future of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Once described as the ‘most successful consumer group in Europe’, it has achieved so much for the real ale drinker or, for that matter, any beer drinkers and general pub-goers, that it is hard to imagine what the beer and pub scene in Britain would be today if CAMRA had never formed. With a membership approaching 200,000 – and that fact alone is impressive – CAMRA still hold enormous clout. But with Real Ale ‘saved’, where do they channel their efforts now? For this reason, CAMRA have announced their ‘Revitalisation Project’ – a year-long consultation of its members on what CAMRA’s new direction should be. And therein lies the problem. With the rise of ‘Craft’ beer – love it or …

Brewers must work together.

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BeerHeadZ Phil has had a letter published in the latest issue (Jan 2016) of the CAMRA newspaper What’s Brewing, commenting on the threat created by the recent mega-merger of SABMiller and AB InBev to the many much smaller brewers and micro’s in this country (and indeed worldwide). The chaos has already started. For example, the acquisition of London’s Meantime Brewing by SABMiller a mere seven months ago, only to be put up for sale again to comply with European regulations because of AB InBev’s recent buy-out of the nearby Camden Town Brewery. Such tactics show the callous way in which these mega-corporations conduct business. It happens. That’s big business. But our thriving and exciting brewing industry should be protecting themselves. They need to formulate counter tactics now. I don’t know the answers, but I do know that brewers and suppliers …