BeerHeadZ got talent – Pt.2

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Well, we’re not sure about pretty faces in this instance, but BeerHeadZ certainly have talent! Here’s landlord Phil with his Heavy Metal band Paralex, who have released their first ever rock video! The track is from the band’s new album ‘Key to a Thousand Doors’, released on the No Remorse label. Watch the video, bang your head, then get down BeerHeadZ to quench that thirst. You know it makes sense! Happy headbanging, BeerHeadZ!

BeerHeadZ got talent – Pt.1

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Well, we ain’t just a bunch of pretty faces serving great beer, but the BeerHeadZ team have got talent too! Our newest recruit at BeerHeadZ Grantham, Samantha-Elyse, has just attained a 2.1 in her animation degree with her film ‘How the Bat Became Nocturnal’. Congratulations to Sam, it’s a great achievement and you can watch the film here: