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Our Goal.

We will bring you beers from micro-breweries both new and old from across the UK. Expect new brews, specials, rarities and one-offs served to you in perfect condition in oversized, lined glasses. Totally beertastic, mate.

Mmmmm… Beer!

“Beer – Is there anything it can’t do?” Or was it Donuts? So go the words of Homer Simpson. Or was it Hank Hill? Anyway, you get the idea. Either way – Beer is THE people’s beverage of choice.


Beer is our National drink and we are experiencing a massive beer boom in Britain at the moment. With around 2000 breweries currently producing in the UK make no mistake… beer is B-I-G!

Join the BeerHeadZ!

We are as passionate about beer as you. To that end, we bring you BeerHeadZ IndyPub. Our mission: To bring you the very best beers from exciting and innovative micro breweries up and down the country.


It’s what we’re good at! Seriously. Be curious no more! Check out BeerHeadZ to find out exactly what we rock at.

If beer ain’t your bag, man, we’ve also got cider, quality wines, craft gin/rum/whisky, softies and fresh coffee.

A taste of the Unusual?

Expect an ever-changing lineup of new and exciting beers you’ve probably never heard of. No ‘Pint of the Usual’ at BeerHeadZ!

Want to sell us some BEER?

Scroll on!

    If you want to sell us beer, click HERE. For anything else, feel free to email us from our PUB page, smoke signal us, carrier pigeon us, semaphore us, or best of all visit us. You can find us using our nifty map (just scroll down a bit). It’s all good.


    Please call in for a pint and let’s talk all about beer-y things!