BeerHeadZ bar

We have a bar!

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Despite more promises to the contrary, the builders still haven’t finished, but we are doing our best to work around them! We now have a basic bar (with a fantastic bar top), the cellar is ready and beers are settling, the frontage is painted and we have started decorating around the builders. There is a lot of work to do, but we are trying our best. It’s gonna be tight, folks!  

BeerHeadZ new stillage

Progress update.

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Well, due to hollow promises from builders (nothing new there then!) we are way behind schedule. But if the builders are out, as promised, by this Friday, then we still have a fighting chance to open by the 23rd October. It will be a mammoth task, but with a major effort it is still doable. Rest assured we are doing everything to make it happen! Our shiny new three-tier stillage was erected this morning and the cellar piping loom will be fitted tomorrow, ready for delivery of our first beers on Friday.   Stay posted for more updates soon!