Next Stop Hop City Beerfest II

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This weekend sees our second ‘Next Stop Hop City’ beer fest at BeerHeadZ Retford, which compliments the Retford Beer Festival which runs Fri 7th – Sun 9th October.

BeerHeadZ Retford will be featuring, over the weekend:

  • Atom (Hull: 2013) – Singularity 3.5%
    The Atom twist on a mild: Big chunky body, and infused with oak smoked wheat and vanilla, aged on oak. Tons of flavour in a small package.
  • BlackJack (Manchester: 2012) – Shuffled Deck 3.9%
    Golden/Blond Ale. Aromas of citrus, light floral hops. Taste is light bitter, faint malt. Bitter finish.
  • By the Horns (Merton: 2011) – Hop Air Balloon 4.2%
    Aroma and taste combines sweet bready malts, light citrus accents of lemon, straw, some grassy and floral hoppy action.
  • By the Horns (Merton: 2011) – Stiff Upper Lip 3.8%
    A well-balanced mellow malt gives the beer a clear and rich body whilst a myriad of well-selected hops leaves the beer with a wonderfully crisp late bitter finish.
  • Don Valley (Mexborough: 2016) – Ribble Head 4.0%
    Refreshing and crisp Pilsener style beer.
  • Hawkshead (Staveley: 2002) – Jester 3.7%
    Refreshing and hoppy, with complex fruit aromas and flavours.
  • Marble (Manchester: 1998) – Pint 3.9%
    Light body with good bitterness attack balanced with malt, sweet and wet. Grassy notes, highly drinkable.
  • Shiny (Derby: 2012) – Pail (Calypso Mosaic) 4.0%
    Aroma is nice fresh citrus lemon and berries. Hint of tropical fruits, mango and orange.
  • North Riding (East Ayton: 2015) – Mosaic Pale 4.3%
    A massive hit of blueberries with a wallop of citrus in every mouthful.
  • Tiny Rebel (Newport: 2012) – Cereal Killer 3.0%
    With a trio of hops, including the super floral Mosaic for that juicy hit, this is what refreshment is all about!
  • Totally Brewed (Nottingham: 2014) – Kuruji the Demon Ninja 5.2%
    Black IPA: Chocolate, coffee and pine to the finish. Nicely roasted.

Reserves are on hand in case you drink us dry! Hope to see you all there over the weekend.


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