Dear Santa…

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Dear Santa, we landlords are a simple breed. We don’t ask or moan a lot (yeah!), so here is BeerHeadZ simple light-hearted wish list of brewers and suppliers this Christmas.

  1. Please could we have pump clips delivered with EVERY beer? This will save us the hassle of ringing the brewery to get one sent through the post or trying to find an image of it on the web which we then have to print off, laminate and cut out, which will then look like a cow’s udder stuck on the hand pump. This is not a good advert for the beer or the pub.
  2. While on the subject, would it be too much to ask for the pump clips mentioned in 1) above be well designed, professional looking, easy to read and informative?
  3. Can we please have brewers supply a simple taste profile with their beers? This should be easy to do on the cask label and not a lot to ask for is it?
  4. Could brewers PLEASE tell us whether the beer is unfined or not, either on the cask end label or pump clip (preferably both). This will save days wasted waiting for the beer to ‘settle’ unnecessarily and, again, saves us the hassle of ringing up to ask!
  5. When trying to sell us beer, could suppliers possibly start providing prices with their lists? We are not going to give you an order unless we know how much your wares are! A few sellers are good at this, the majority are not!
  6. Telling us which day/week you’ll be delivering would probably be a good idea too.
  7. If there’s a minimum order quantity, tell us! We don’t want to sit down and work an order out (usually guessing prices) only to be told “it’s not worth coming just for that quantity” and having to re-work the orders to make shortfall up.
  8. After you’ve sold us the beer, is there any chance you can pick your empties up on the next run, even if we don’t give you an order? We really don’t have room for more than 150-odd empty casks.

Well Santa, that’s it really. Just a few little wishes that won’t even take up any room in your bulging sacks.

Christmas wishes one and all,

Ho ho, bloody ho!

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