BeerHeadZ develops new OutZide-IN technology to beat restrictions.

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With the current restrictions allowing hospitality to open with outdoor-only service later this month, BeerHeadZ has been working over the last year in close partnership with British tech company FL-AirLoop developing a new technology that, quite literally, brings the outdoor atmosphere indoors, allowing pubs with no outside areas to safely open without breaking the current rules.

The new ‘BHZ OutZidE-IN‘ system expands on research from NASA and CERN and allows isolated ‘bubbles’ of fresh air to be positioned at any position within premises so that, to all intents and purposes, people are actually sitting outside. The bubbles are created by invisible forcefields which are then filled with the outdoor atmosphere via a nano-wormhole ‘inlet’ (an open door or window is required) and spent air is expelled through a secondary outlet wormhole.

The whole system can be simply controlled from a laptop with no training required and is infinitely customisable to suit any seating layout or expand the dome size to enclose any number group of customers. To help the industry during these difficult times, BeerHeadZ will be making this technology freely available to anyone who wants it. Any interested parties should email us at

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  1. If you reverse the polarity of the neutron flow that will increase the air quality efficiency by 1000%, good luck he he..

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