Best Beer in Town at BeerHeadZ

Best Beer. For the Best Real Ale – BeerHeadZ – for the Best Craft Beer in town.

Best beer. Mmmmm.

“Beer – Is there aything it can’t do?” Or was it Donuts? So go the words of Homer Simpson. Or was it Hank Hill? Anyway, you get the idea. Either way – Beer is THE people’s alcoholic beverage of choice.

Celebrate real ale

Beer is our National drink and we are experiencing a massive beer boom in Britain at the moment. With well over 1100 breweries currently producing in the UK make no mistake… beer is BIG!

BeerHeadZ – The best craft beer and the best real ale

We are as passionate about beer as you. To that end, we bring you BeerHeadZ. Our mission – to bring you the very best beers from microbreweries up and down the country.

BearHeadZ for the Best Beer in Town

BearHeadZ for the Best Beer in Town

For the best beer in town, BeerHeadZ is an ale house. Full stop.

We serve no lager. No ‘smooth’. No keg. No spirits, bottles or alcopops. We don’t have a Juke Box, TV or pool table. Just the best beer in town

We use oversized, lined glasses so you get a full pint (or half- or third!) of real ale every time you visit the bar.

There are currently over 1100 micro breweries in the UK. Choice has never been so wide. However availability is somewhat lacking as the big Pubco’s have more or less stitched up the beer market over the last decade, forcing licensees to buy beers from limited choice at inflated prices.

Consequently, the little breweries struggle to find outlets for their excellent products.

We support the micros and concentrate on what’s really important – quality. Inspired by the Butcher’s Arms in Herne, we were compelled to open a beer-only pub and join the micropub revolution. So let’s not rest until we have a micropub in every city, town and village. So for quality real ale and the best beer in town, look no further than BeerHeadZ