What Are Oversize, Lined Glasses?

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Many people are not aware of what oversized glasses are and what it means to them, so we will try to give a brief explanation. Current legislation states that draught beer and cider must be dispensed in multiples of a half or a third of a pint and the glasses in which beer is normally served may be either Government stamped brim measures i.e. the glass must be completely full to the brim, or the glass may have a lined mark indicating the correct measure. Understandably, the vast majority of British pubs use brim measure rather than oversize, lined glasses. Why? Because beer has a head of froth, the glass cannot actually be completely filled to the top. The larger brewing industry claims that the froth is part of the beer and may be up to 5% of the glass …

Rare Scottish brews coming to BeerHeadZ!

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You lucky BeerHeadZ! In our quest to bring you new, exciting and rare beers, we have managed to secure a number of casks from usually keg or bottle-only breweries. First up, we have from 2014 Glasgow start-ups Drygate – Devil Rex 4.2%, so rare, we can’t find any tasting notes for it, even on the Drygate website! Come and decide for yourself. This is currently in the cellar, quietly making itself ready for you. Coming next week, we have Top Out, located in¬†Loanhead, Midlothian, which started brewing in 2013. The Cone IPA is a generous 6.8%. Not only did we find tasting notes for this beer, we found a video for it too! Finally, also arriving next week, we have, from Leith, Pilot – Mochaccino Stout at a mere 5.5% and described on Ratebeer as “Glossy & silky with depth …


We’re open!

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Well we did it, by the skin of our teeth! The swinging pub sign went up with just 20 minutes to go and we opened the doors bang on time to our first customers – Andrew and Linda Birkhead along with JD the dog. The first beer pulled was BlackEdge Hop at 3.8%. The Birkheads were closely followed by several more customers and by 6.30 we had a bustling pub atmosphere. A very promising start! We are still a little rough around the edges – the toilets need decorating and some panelling on the walls needed, but these will be done as soon as possible. The main thing is that the beer is good! Last night was started firing with all eight pumps, but this will drop to four when normality has resumed. Your regular BeerHeadZ behind the bar will …

BeerHeadZ will open on schedule – 23rd October.

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It’s been a valiant effort – thanks to all that helped. We are still not quite ready, but made the decision earlier today that we would be able to open on time. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that BeerHeadZ will be opening its doors for our first customers at 6pm tomorrow, 23rd October. We must stress that we are still a bit rough around the edges, still bits to do, and very much a ‘work in progress’. But we can assure you that all the beers have been tested personally and we can report they are all in excellent condition! We will start off for the Festival weekend with eight beers on the pumps, but that will drop to four whan normality is resumed. We also have a selection of real ciders and bottled beers: Boon Oude Geuze 7.0% …

Nearly there.

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OK folks, we are so, so close. The builders are still in but we are working frantically around them to get BeerHeadZ ready for opening on Thursday evening. There is a little more decoration to be done and a little plumbing work to be done on the toilets. We have furniture arriving tomorrow and the signage is being done on Thursday morning. It really is going to be down to the wire! Another update tomorrow.

BeerHeadZ bar

We have a bar!

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Despite more promises to the contrary, the builders still haven’t finished, but we are doing our best to work around them! We now have a basic bar (with a fantastic bar top), the cellar is ready and beers are settling, the frontage is painted and we have started decorating around the builders. There is a lot of work to do, but we are trying our best. It’s gonna be tight, folks!