BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray

Located at the end of King Street, next to the cinema.



Tuesday – Thursday 12pm – 10pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm – 1am

Sunday 12pm – 10pm


Address 7 King Street, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1XA

Phone 01664 561 958


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More Bois for our LOVELY BOIS AND GIRLS. ❤️
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray is feeling chill at BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray.
Photos from BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray's post
It seems Melton has forgotten how to travel in the rain, seeing as umbrellas are a remarkable rarity. It's okay! We're here to help. 😊👌🏻
A reminder that we carry a cure to those damp glum blues. ☔🥃
BeerHeadZ Melton ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray's post
Alright folks. We are all back in business again! Filled up on bitter bois, gluten free bois, Northern bois and ginny gin gin. Plus a cherry wood Rye for the good bois... 🍻 🍹 🥃 🍸
Fierce Beer Co First ...
Sorry to say my lovelies, but we're only open until half ten tonight! (10:30pm) This is due to a major operational problem that sadly restricts us tonight. Back to FULL ORDER TOMORROW. ❤️
Rainy? ☔ Moody? 😡 Tired? 😴
As Ultravox once said, "It Means Nothing Too Meeeee!"
We have beer that can make you feel like it's one of those long Summer nights full of buffets, prawn cocktails and stressed out babysitters ...
BeerHeadZ Customer Survey
Please help us by giving your feedback 🙂
Please help us improve BeerHeadZ bars.
Thank you for A LEGENDARY weekend Melton. We've had a lot of love, and we would just like to say, thank you. ❤️
Extra special thanks to my amazing staff James Darby & Charlie Brink Donovan and an honourable mention ...
So long as we're going medieval... Let's talk barrel aged...
Mortis Vitis Barrel Aged Raisin and Oatmeal Stout (8.3%) 🥣
Destination On Your Left Red Wine Barrel Aged Gose (5.5%) 🍷
Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (13.8%) 🥃
What makes our beer that little bit better? Medieval weaponry of course!
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray is feeling cool at BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray.
Fancy A Steady night? 🍍
Or perhaps a papaya punch? *Papaya Emoji*
We cater for all your beery needs,
Felix is also a qualified divorce lawyer!*
Call Now At 0800-554-HIPSTER
*No he absolutely isn't.
This is bursting freshness at its very very best. Had forgotten having not had any Burning Sky Brewery in a while, but my gosh it's full of lemony limey orangey punch. Big up preps. 👊🏻🍻
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray is feeling ...
Make your weekend a juicy boi, with this zingy murk monster. ❤️
Just a taste of what we'll be throwing at your taste buds this week.
When is a micropub not a micropub?
Excellent article in last week's Morning Advertiser.
Small pub operator BeerHeadZ offers something different to the norm. Phil Ayling and Martin Johnson explain the ethos behind their tiny chain.
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Mango Milkshake IPA should be all I have to say. Never mind the Bath Porter, two beautiful cask sessions, Grapefruit IPA, Cucumber Sour and one of the best IPAs around from the legends at Verdant.
I haven't even started on ...
Forever loving the different and interesting, we've had big feedback on our Swedish Whisky.
So now there's two, Mack, a slick, mellow toffee hammer to the palate... And Svensk Rök... My word... With malts smoked over juniper the dry, tongue ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray's post
You've told us, very loudly and clearly that you are monsters for quality beer, and mad fruit buzz bombs... We listen.
Thankfully all my backup has arrived! I present to you, the colour of your weekend. 💪🏻
And a sneaky ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray's post
Rocking it tonight, new things, good tunes, Imperial aged stouts and politically inflammatory session pales.
There's only one place in Melton for that... BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray is feeling thirsty.
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Ahh British Summer, 'unexpected' showers, planning the next weekend away with screaming sprogs, or waiting in line at banks who are only open half the season for fear they might just decide to do another recession.
Or, leave the kids ...
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We at BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray believe there's nothing wrong with dreaming. We like to provide Melton with beery dreams, are you feeling that Friday buzz? Dr Felix prescribes beer... The beer of dreams.
We have a Wit Beer that tastes ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray's post
Feeling some of the lush love for big, bold, drinkable flavour right now, with two Amundsen Bryggeri beers, a hecking incredible dessert Imperial Stout, and a beautifully drinkable NEIPA. 🍫 🍁 🥧
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray is feeling blessed.
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Everyone can enjoy the sunshine two legs or four! ❤️
Too bad they can't indulge in the beer though. 😵
Timeline Photos
Along with this Pillars of Light Lemon Milkshake IPA, we've stocked our fridges up and our bar is ready to roll. We'll see you all for a proper Easter top up. 😎
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Now rocking the most anti-mild Mild I think I've ever served, a big hop monster, a thick pale deception, and a fresh, New England style juice bomb on cask...
Never mind these beauts on keg, including Northern Monk doing session, ...
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Let's see some love for Martin Bros. Pizza Co. at BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray this sunny Saturday!
"Eat, Drink and be Merry! These Cloudwater colabs and Balsamic stout are banging" - Florence Nightingale. (Probably)
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray is feeling hungry.
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Wow... I promise not to get overexcited...
I lied. J2O is beer now.
BARRY FROM FINANCE is a brütal sticky Cloudwater offering (with a little of The Veil thrown in), it oozes stone fruit and is currently leaking happy little ...
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On these Summer(ish) days, all I want to do is shower myself in lush IPAs, like a lady in a Radox advert, then run hysterically from all the wasp hordes trying to steal my glorious sticky hop aftershave.
We have ...
We have a BeerHeadZ YouTube channel starting shortly! News, views, events, meet the managers and all sorts of beery shenanigans to come. Please visit and subscribe so you don't miss out!
BeerHeadZ Melton Mowbray shared a post.
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Are you on the Light Side or Dark Side?
Juicy Loka Polly Bois and a triplet of devious delightful Stouty (and portery) Devils. 😈😇😈😇😈😇
This is just taste of our latest in. Come taste them, pick a side. 😘
BeerHeadZ ...

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