Now on: Siren Brewery - Suspended in Magic 4.0% - An aromatic, hoppy, refreshing pale ale from an award winning brewery.
Now on : Liquid Light - Pink Moon - 4% - A very fresh and fruity raspberry wheat beer, with sweet and sour notes.
Now on: Elliswood Brewery - Barrel Of Laughs - 4.2% - A copper coloured bitter, malty and slightly hoppy with a tangy aftertaste.
Now on: 3 Blind Mice To Infenity and Afrond 4.4% A refreshingly dry blonde beer. It is unfined and therefore Vegan friendly. Cheers!!!
What do you mean, you haven't got a BeerHeadZ sticker for the Nottingham CAMRA IPA Hop? Not to worry, we've just put on Murk Merchants from Bad Seed Brewery, a really tasty, low bitterness, soft fruit, hazy as heck IPA!
Now on: North Riding Brewery - Ice Cream Porter 4.5% - A blissfull coffee tasting porter infused with ice cream flavour.
Now on : Kirkstall Brewery - Ignore The Ignorant - 4.2% - A light, refreshing and hoppy blonde session ale.
BeerHeadZ Lincoln Check out these fab hand-made pump clips, crafted from leather by Jay Doran to showcase our exclusive Steampunk beers, brewed to celebrate the upcoming Asylum Steampunk festival. Only available at BeerHeadZ Lincoln!
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Hey, fuss fans. What IPA do you want to see next on our keg lines? Vote now on your phones or whatever!
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Here's something rather special for you all! Lords of Acid, a Berliner Weisse from Lindheim Ølkompani in collaboration with LERVIG and Edge Brewing! What's a Berliner Weisse, I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you! They tend to be ...
Now on: North Riding Brewery Pale Ale (v11) 4% Another hoppy gem from this brewery, with Bravo & Centennial hops this time.
Here's a little something special for the cider drinkers out there! Allen's Sweet Cider, aged in oak for 3 to 4 years. Loads of sharpness up front, almost Lambic in taste, with a sweet, complex body and a very long ...
Now on: Bad Seed Rule the Roost 5.6% A wonderful coffee stout, made with the help of a nearby coffee roastery, The taste is like a refreshing version of Kaluha liqueur!
Now on: Mallinson Serious Blendin' vol 8 4.4% The latest version of this mid strength blonde beer. Hops are prominent throughout, leading to a pleasantly bitter finish
Now on: Magic Rock - Fantasma 6.5% - A fruity hopped full flavoured IPA.
Now on: Padstow - Pocket Rocket 4.0% - A fruity refreshing pale ale at session strength.
Now on: Turning Point Vision Quest 7% - Tasty strong IPA using Mosaic hops. Unfined
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Our Timeline starts here! 2013 September 21 BeerHeadZ bornThe idea of BeerHeadZ is conceived over a pint or three by drinking buddies Phil Ayling and Dave Moore. Ideas are transformed to reality and the two ...
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Congratulations to Siren. Broken Dream Breakfast Stout has been awarded Supreme Champion @ GBBF
Available at BeerHeadZ Retford 😀
A Beautiful Amber Coloured 3.8% Bitter from Riverhead - Available Now
Ossett Brewery's Jester now available. A 4.0% Hoppy Golden Ale Finished With Blackberries & Tropical Fruit Aromas
Beer Made From The Vaginal Lactic Acid Of Hot Models Finally Goes On Sale Coming to a BeerHeadZ near you?
Finally, the public will be able to consume the "essence" of hot underwear models by simply swigging a beer. And by "essence" I mean the lactic acid collected from their panties.In Katowice, Poland, …
Have we already had a new brewery alert today? Yes? Oh well! 🚨 NEW BREWERY ALERT AGAIN! 🚨 This time it's Sons of Liberty from Bang The Elephant Brewing Co., all the way from Long Eaton. It's an unfined American ...
New brewery alert! Best Bitter from Harrison's aka The Brew Shed Retford! We had Gyle One on over the weekend, but it didn't stick around long. That's a sign of quality if I ever saw one!
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2 spooky 4 me! Uiltje Brewing Company have teamed up with Fyne Ales to skirt trademarks and bring you a lovely gose! A combination of watermelon and cucumber with just a hint of sourness makes for an extremely refreshing drink ...
Timeline Photos If you're a self respecting* sour beer fan, you should definitely have Hanssens Artisanaal on your list! Their beers tend to be face melters, and the Oude Kriek is no exception. Have a go if you think you're hard enough!
Picking up beer from this superb brewery for all you lovely BeerHeadZ
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