BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station

Located in the Grade II* listed ‘Cabman’s Shelter’ to the right of the Railway Station, corner of Carrington St. and Queen’s Rd.


Sunday – Thursday 12.00 – 22.00

Friday & Saturday 12.00 – 23.00


Address Cabman’s Shelter, 1A Queens Road, Nottingham NG2 3AS

Phone 07914 136 055


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Winner Nottingham CAMRA
Cider Pub of the Year 2018
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post It's a lovely evening so far in Nottingham! Know what makes it even better? BEER! Double Peanut Butter and Jelly from Northern Monk with a little help from Nomad Clan is a great big 10% imperial brown ale oozing with ...
We're through the looking glass here, people! Thanks to the Nottingham CAMRA Drinker for getting my face out there!
Now that we've got over our little hiccup, here's a beery update! From fellow users of superfluous Zs Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. we have Tropic Fiesta, an incredibly refreshing session IPA, and from Wild Weather Ales we have Compulsion Loop, ...
We'll be opening slightly late today due to a "slight issue". Hold tight while I do a little mopping and change my trousers
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post In case you didn't know, it's Saturday! Time for a pint, yeah? The Mobberley Brewhouse North Riding Brewery Ltd Abbeydale Brewery The Boot Beer Pilot Lost+Found Ridgeside Brewery Bone Machine Brew. Co #ncbw
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We've put the boot in! Boot Beast from The Boot Beer is strong, dark, and incredibly drinkable. Get some of this multi award winning beer down yer neck quick before it all disappears!
Timeline Photos Check out these two phenomenal beers! Large Times from @ridgesidebrewery is a Waimea dry hopped sour that doesn't pull any punches, and NonClear Fusion from @lostfoundabl , a nice juicy hazy IPA. If you can't decide between the two, just ...
Beerheadz, Nottingham We got a great write up from this guy on his blog. Thanks!
I stood examing the stylish Art Nouveau adornments on the railings around Nottingham station. Gilded, organic, cordiform leaves that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the ...
Congratulations, everyone! You've almost managed to wipe out our sour beer keg stock. Luckily we had this held back in reserve! Psicocherry from Lo Vilot Farm Brewery, a Spanish cherry sour with loads of cherry and loads of sour!
If the other three beer updates today haven't grabbed you, try this one on for size! Jambo! from Wild Beer Co. is an imperial stout with chocolate and raspberries, and let me tell you, they aren't messing about. It's all ...
No stopping this freight train! Up next is number 9 in the Voyager series from Abbeydale Brewery! A damn tasty IPA brewed with Simcoe, Centennial and Citra, with a nice whack of bitterness on the end. One of the finest ...
Next up on the lovely bank holiday beer docket, Polyamorie from Oedipus Brewing! A mango sour that everyone can enjoy! Be careful though, it's a tangy motherflipper!
Did that horrible rain get you down yesterday? Don't worry, we've got a few things that'll cheer you right up! First time on our bar, a name you'll all recognise, it's Beavertown Brewery with a very special IPA, Why-o Must ...
Timeline Photos 1 Mutual Friend! It's a braggot! What's a braggot? It's a honey beer! Is it like mead? Not really, no! Who made it? @lostindustrybrewing and "ya bois" @boutilliersbrew ! This one's got mango and bergamot green tea in it, and ...
Hey, guess what Nottingham CAMRA Mild Trail fans! We've got another mild on, a seldom seen cask from Bone Machine Brew. Co! Malt Tooth Grin is a dry hopped mild with loads going on. Get it on yer wild card!
Timeline Photos New can alert! @northernmonk Made in the Dark, a forced rhubarb sour brewed in collaboration with @lordwhitney. It's got a lil packet of popping candy with it, that'll really make it pop! (Not sorry)
#beer #sourbeer #rhubarb #sorrynotsorry #craftbeer #leeds ...
This week's new cans, part 3 of 3! Rasputin from Brouwerij de Molen - Rah rah Rasputin! In tins! Rasputin tins! A deceptive 10.4%, with chocolate, coffee and plum flavours from Ratebeer's number 1 brewery in the Netherlands, and number ...
This week's new cans, part 2 of 3! So.LA from Dark Revolution - A nice, sessionable West Coast pale coming in at 4.5%, easy drinking with citrus and bitterness coming right at ya!
This week's new cans, part 1 of 3! Hey Mango! from Brew York - Mango, vanilla, Citra and Mosaic stuffed into a lactose IPA. It'd be daft not to try one if you ask me.
Remember all that hoo-hah the other week about cider? Nottingham CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year and all that? Well, we haven't just given up since then. Get yourself some of this Springherne! Clean and dry, a little bit fruity, ...
What's all this then? New beers on the keg lines? Teenage Lakes from Boutilliers, an Old England IPA. Like a New England IPA, but with English hops. Jolly good! Next to it we have Funk Volume II from Bad Seed ...
Now on: Juice Punch V5 from Brouwerij Frontaal! Juice because it tastes like juice, and Punch because if you're not careful it'll knock you on your arse. Damn. Fine. NEIPA.
Have you read the Summer edition of CAMRA - the Campaign for Real Ale, the consumer's champion's Beer magazine? It includes a great big article about the rise of the micropub, with shots of our pub, BeerHeadZ Grantham and our ...
BeerHeadZ Retford Fully stocked bottle shop ready to go!
BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station shared BeerHeadZ Retford's post.
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post We've got some excellent beers on to kick off the bank holiday! On cask, we've got a nice strong Victorian Ruby Mild from Ashover Brewery and the third beer from the local Grasshopper Brewery, Devil's Horse, a dry Irish style ...
Now on, Pinball Holiday from Neon Raptor Brewing Co.! How do they do it? Through some kind of brewing wizardry, they've managed to cram a great big NEIPA full of hops into a 3.8% beer. You could crush this one ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post We've had a couple of doggy visitors today! Monty of The Horse and Jockey Stapleford fame is doing the Mild trail with his human pals, and Billie has been doing a shift as our greeter, getting paid in biscuits and ...
Are you living that Impy Life? You should meet our new friend Deer Hunter from Brouwerij Frontaal. I think you'll get along.
Happy Monday everyone! Here's our cask line up as of RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND! Lincoln Green Brewing Company Box Social Brewing Welbeck Abbey Brewery Padstow Brewing Company
Now on the bar: Bad Medicine from Box Social Brewing! It's what you need. A nice, big heavyweight IPA that lingers on the palate forever*. Good for what ales ya!

*Not actually forever, but a really long time

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