BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station

Located in the Grade II* listed ‘Cabman’s Shelter’ to the right of the Railway Station, corner of Carrington St. and Queen’s Rd.


Sunday โ€“ Thursday 12.00 โ€“ 22.00

Friday & Saturday 12.00 โ€“ 23.00


Address Cabman’s Shelter, 1A Queens Road, Nottingham NG2 3AS

Phone 07914 136 055


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Winner Nottingham CAMRA
Cider Pub of the Year 2018
What do you mean, you haven't got a BeerHeadZ sticker for the Nottingham CAMRA IPA Hop? Not to worry, we've just put on Murk Merchants from Bad Seed Brewery, a really tasty, low bitterness, soft fruit, hazy as heck IPA!
Hey, fuss fans. What IPA do you want to see next on our keg lines? Vote now on your phones or whatever!
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Here's something rather special for you all! Lords of Acid, a Berliner Weisse from Lindheim ร˜lkompani in collaboration with LERVIG and Edge Brewing! What's a Berliner Weisse, I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you! They tend to be ...
Here's a little something special for the cider drinkers out there! Allen's Sweet Cider, aged in oak for 3 to 4 years. Loads of sharpness up front, almost Lambic in taste, with a sweet, complex body and a very long ...
Have we already had a new brewery alert today? Yes? Oh well! ๐Ÿšจ NEW BREWERY ALERT AGAIN! ๐Ÿšจ This time it's Sons of Liberty from Bang The Elephant Brewing Co., all the way from Long Eaton. It's an unfined American ...
New brewery alert! Best Bitter from Harrison's aka The Brew Shed Retford! We had Gyle One on over the weekend, but it didn't stick around long. That's a sign of quality if I ever saw one!
BeerHeadZ Check out the first of our new ads, coming to a Facebook page near you soon! Thanks to Ryan at Golden Cut Productions for the edit and Paralex for the rockin' sound track!
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2 spooky 4 me! Uiltje Brewing Company have teamed up with Fyne Ales to skirt trademarks and bring you a lovely gose! A combination of watermelon and cucumber with just a hint of sourness makes for an extremely refreshing drink ...
Timeline Photos If you're a self respecting* sour beer fan, you should definitely have Hanssens Artisanaal on your list! Their beers tend to be face melters, and the Oude Kriek is no exception. Have a go if you think you're hard enough!
NEIPAs sure are popular these days, but do you know why? Because they're bloody lovely, that's why! Some of you may remember when we had Juice Punch v5 from Brouwerij Frontaal, now we've got v6 on! They've turned Citra and ...
I bet you're all wondering, "what do BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station have on their keg lines?" Don't worry, I got you covered. Turning Point Brew Co. bring you Rainbow Road, a 3% nano-IPA with loads of Citra and some lactose to ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post We've got not one, but two pale ales fresh on today! There's Centennial from Three Blind Mice Brewery, if I had to sum it up in one word, that word would be lemons, or if you like a little more ...
Rats off to ya! It's Mild Monday (that's totally a thing) so we've put Rat Brewery Dirty Rat on. It's lovely, malty and a bit toasty!
If you're not fussed about anyone bringing anything in particular home, why not enjoy a nice pint of Tramlines Session IPA from Abbeydale Brewery? It's fresh on the bar and tasting real nice!
BeerHeadZ FREE BEER? Two of my favourite words in the same sentence!
FREE Steampunk BeerZ @ BeerHeadZ BeerHeadZ Lincoln has commissioned Cheeky Imp brewery to brew us three truly EXCLUSIVE beers to celebrate the Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln next month. ...
Brut IPA? What's all that about then? I'm glad you asked. It's a new beer style that emerged from California last year, a take on New England IPA with amylase added into the brew to reduce body and add dryness. ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post What a lovely selection of casks we've got on! It'd be rude not to, wouldn't it? Ridgeside Brewing Co North Riding Brewery Ltd The Hop Studio Ashover Brewery
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Last night I had a dream that Black Iris Brewery and Liquid Light Brewing Company got together and brewed a dry hopped kettle sour called LASERBL'AST! Imagine my delight when I woke up and it turned out to be true!
I hope you're not all sick of me banging on about Three Hills Brewing, but we've got version 3 of In Pursuit, their fantastic NEIPA. Hopped with Galaxy, Cryo Citra and Cryo Mosaic, it's really worth chasing!
Hawaiian Shirt from Ashover Brewery: Lovely light pale ale, but try not to wear it
Timeline Photos It's hot dog Monday! Bruce would like to remind you to stay hydrated.
#dogsofinstagram #pubdog #hotdog #cute #dogfriendly
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post It's a superb sunny Sunday to start a Cider Saunter! On top of our usual cider offerings we've added two damn tasty East Midlands ciders: the MEGABLEND from Charnwood Cider and Woody's Medium Sweet. We're in an ideal place to ...
We've somehow maintained our demand for imperial stouts, so here's another one, with the correct image attached this time! ะ‘ะ›ะะ’ะš (Black) Russian Imperial Stout from Three Hills Brewing is rich, thick and everything you want an impy to be!
We've got some very tasty summery beers in bottles from Three Hills Brewing! South Pacific is a wheat beer full of Vic Secret and Nelson Sauvin hops, and Trium Florum is first in a series of beers featuring three special ...
Are you Doomed to perish in this weather? Are you Quaking at the prospect of an inferior sour beer? Just answer the Call of Duty and get some of this First Person Fruiter from Wild Weather Ales down you. A ...
With all this weather we're having, it's like the sky is burning! Speaking of which, we've got Arise from Burning Sky Brewery on right now! What a damn fine session IPA this is, light and so very drinkable.
BeerHeadZ I 'ate you Butler! Register your interest in the BeerHeadZ bus, 4th of August!
Anyone interested in a tour of all the BeerHeadZ bars? Join us on the BHZbus!

Itinerary as follows:
Saturday, 4th August.
Depart Grantham 11.30
Pick-up and ...
Photos from BeerHeadZ Nottingham Station's post It's a lovely evening so far in Nottingham! Know what makes it even better? BEER! Double Peanut Butter and Jelly from Northern Monk with a little help from Nomad Clan is a great big 10% imperial brown ale oozing with ...
We're through the looking glass here, people! Thanks to the Nottingham CAMRA Drinker for getting my face out there!
Now that we've got over our little hiccup, here's a beery update! From fellow users of superfluous Zs Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. we have Tropic Fiesta, an incredibly refreshing session IPA, and from Wild Weather Ales we have Compulsion Loop, ...

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